Wine Bars and Pubs

Several times a week, a visit to either a pub or a wine bar takes place. There, members can enjoy a drink or two in congenial company. The places chosen usually serve reasonably priced food. As well as wine bars and pubs, Kaleidoscope members can be found aboard one of the Thames-side boats such as the Hispaniola and the El Barco Latino.

Kaleidoscope Social Club - Enjoy a Drink With Like Minded People

Annual Events

There are several annual events enjoyed during the year. A few good examples are Henley Regatta, Ascot, Chinese New Year, The Thames Festival, Open House Weekend and Christmas Markets.


Kaleidoscope members enjoy good food and our visits to London restaurants are always successful.

Each restaurant visited has been researched so that our enjoyment is assured.

Kaleidoscope Social Club - Enjoy an Over 45's Garden Party With Like Minded People

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